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When I met them

I was hired at Junior High School this semester to teach English at the second and the third grade. I was a little shock when I saw the schedule: 6 classes; two meetings a week for each class, one meeting is 80 minutes. It would be more stressful than four years ago when I was teaching at another junior high school.

After two meetings for each class, I realized that I must work hard for two classes. Both are active classes: one was in the second grade, another one was in the third grade. While at the other classes I concerned on their English skills, but at these two special classes I concerned on how to keep them staying at class, not disturbing friends, and not making noisy.

Learning about them and how to teach them

It surprised me that a new teacher came and took over the classes included the special class in the third grade. I just taught two classes: female class and male class (the special one at the second grade). Then I could more focused on how to help them learning and growing to be better ones.

I found four students often troubled the class: one active student, one is active but lazy to learn and always moving, one always look so stressful and sometimes troubled the class, one troubled and lazy student.

They are not bad students, but need hard work to handle them.

Fact about them

I found other students were also troubled the class, but they could easily be handled. Sometimes I was so stressful at their class. Another teacher told me that almost all teacher gave up teaching that class, but he want to change it.

The difficulties

Something makes me difficult to handle them: the rule is not strict. Like most schools in this country, students could get good score and go to next level without studying hard. In such condition, it could be not fair for them if I straightened on the rule. I even hesitate to give them homework.

What I would do

I am thinking now. I think the ability to use English is not the priority nor the goal for now, but motivation instead. Then I should prepare, I should create good class design, I should create interesting class activity for them.

They need special treatment, but none can handle it. Then I should take over it, become their counselor.

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