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Someone with noble character is such a great guy, charming, and really amazing. If you were that guy, imagine, many people will be proud of you. Many people like to be your friends.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Let’s talk about success. I am sure all of us are dreaming to be successful.

Ladies and gentlemen,

To succeed needs hard work, but it’s not enough as we don’t live alone. We live with so many people. We work together. In this world, we do everything together. We need to help each other. We need them and they need us.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Success doesn’t mean you can enjoy the life in this world alone. A king would never be a king without His people.

To go somewhere we drive a car or ride a motor cycle. These vehicles are made by other people. To be successful seller we need buyer. To be successful teacher we need students. We need others and they need us. That is the life in this world.

Ladies and gentlemen,

To succeed you don’t need to force yourself alone, look people around. They are your asset of your success.

Let’s learn from the life of an ant.

Have you ever seen this small creature carries its bigger prey like house lizard, grasshopper, scorpion, and even a mouse? Imagine, such small creature carries those big animals that much bigger than its body. It’s the power of togetherness.

Ladies and gentlemen,

To work together we need to attract people, we need to make good relations with them, and we need to make people trust on us. And noble characters play a big role in it. Noble characters would make you more attractive.

Once you’re attractive, many people like you, many people want to be with you, and they will help you too sincerely. Whatever you need, many people are ready for you to provide, ready for you to help.

Ladies and gentlemen,

When you win the heart of many people, when many people like being with you, then what you need to do is maintaining the relation. Then, when you succeed maintaining the relation, the way to big success is in your hand. Life would be easier as your environments are so cooperative with you.

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