What is Your Favorite Movie

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English Conversation, English Dialogue, English Speaking, Role Play, Spoken English A: Do you like watching movie?
B: Yes, almost everyday I watch movie. You?
A: I spend most of my time watching movie. What is your favorite movie?
B: Freedom Writers.

A: What is that movie about?
B: It tells about students of Woodrow Wilson High School located in Long Beach, California. The students are Asians, the Latinos, the Blacks, and a very few whites ones. They don't get along and also exist gangs among them. They like fighting. Later, a white teacher comes. She is a great teacher. She teaches her students with love, full of caring, and really passionate. The students don't accept her as she is a white woman. However, she is very intelligent and able to handle it and calm down the student until she becomes their favorite teacher. The students finally change. They become good students. But, because her devotion on it, her husband is disappointed and leaves her. 
A: Wow, that must be a very great movie. Is her husband a good man?
B: I think he is a good man, but he just doesn't understand what his wife does. He thinks his wife just wastes her time.
A: But she made a great change.
B: That..!! He has different point of view on education. You should watch it.
A: Yes, I would.
B: What about you, what is your favorite movie?
A: I like Love Story in Harvard.
B: Romance.
A: Not one hundred percent about love, it's about students from Korea who study in Harvard: Kim Hyun Woo, Hong Jung-Min, Lee Soo In. The two men study about law, while Lee Soo In is a medical student. They are trapped at triangle love, but I do love how they study. They are so spirit, they are so diligent, hard working. I like their trait. They are such great ones making their dream come true. The two men are go working on through dreams: to succeed in their career and to win the heart of Lee Soo In.
B: Who finally win her heart?
A: You can watch it.

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