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Wulan: We offer room for rent, for women only. The cost is 300.000 rupiahs include the electricity, water, kitchen, and one TV for all. It's located at Bangka Street block 05, number 16. The owner is not living at that house.

Afrillia: How many rooms?

Wulan: Just one room left.

Afrillia: Only one room left?

Wulan: Yes, another one will b empty on 10 December.

Afrillia: Okay, I'll go there.

Tyas: Is that near IAIN College?

Wulan: Afrillia, Yeah, I'm waiting. Tyas, Where is that?

Tyas: I asked you, is that near IAIN college?

Wulan: It's near Jember University. Where is IAIN Collelge?

Tyas: At Mataram treet number 1 Mangli, Jember.

Mahardita: Is it forbidden to invite my male friends there?

Wulan: You can see by yourself. It's free, the land lady is not there. You can go and back whenever you want.

Mahardita: Okay thank you, Mate. Could any friend spend a night?

Wulan: It depends on the situation. It's not nice to neighbors if there's a boy at female boarding house.

Rouph: So, it's only one empty room?

Wulan: Yes, only one room. Another room will be empty on 10 December.

Rouph: Is there any wifi?

Mahardita: Do you mean neighbors at another houses or another tenants?

Wulan: Neighbors at another houses.

Mahardita: Ow, okay.

Wulan: It includes wifi, one kitchen and one TV for all.

Rouph: Could you show me the picture?

Mahardita: What about in January? Is there any room available for rent?

Wulan: Sorry, I don't know for Januari.

Mahardita: What if I book it now? Could I have your phone number?

Wulan: My phone number 087654567432, My BBM Pin 5D369786
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