Wake Up Early Brother

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A(Shaking Doni's body) Doni, wake up! It's ten past four.
B: (Squirming) It's too early, Brother. I need more sleep. (Speaking under his blanket)
A(Uncover his blanket) Don't be lazy! Come on wake up and take a bath.
B: Thirty minutes more, please!
A: I give you five minutes. If you don't get up, ...
B: What...?
A: I take water.
B(Cover his body again) Up to you. 
A(Shouting from bathroom) Mom...!! Dad...!! Doni doesn't wake up...!!
B(Shouting from bedroom) I am sleepy...!! It's too early...!! 
A(Bring water to bedroom) Mister Doni, do you see what's in my hand?
B: Argh...! Go out of here...!! I am sleepy..!
A: I am bathing you here, or you do by yourself at bathroom?
B(Run out of his room) Huh...!! I am hungry, I wanna eat. 
A: Hey...!! No food before you take a bath.
B: Sleeping at dining room, under the table.
A: Kid, where are you? Mom, Doni doesn't take a bath.
B: Mom's still sleeping.
A: What are you doing there?

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