Thieves Stole My Chili In My Field

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Niesha: Warning for you who grow chili. I lost all my chili in my field last night.

Sukma: It's expensive here. It costs 9000  rupiahs per kilogram at market.

Langit: Check your field in the evening. Along ago my neighbor found an old lady in his field took the chili, she said want to sell it in the market. He tied her at a tree and gave her weaver ants over her body. She was untied by pedestrian in the morning.

Dira: How come? Isn't it difficult and take a long time to pick up the chili?

Sony: Professional thieves usually cut off the tree, then put all into their truck. They picked the chili at home.

Embun: Where is it?

Niesha: In Madiun.

Ngglonjom: Is there any agriculture technician? I want to grow chili in my field. I am in Ponorogo.

Niesha: I cultivate it by myself and hire neighbors. Which part of Ponorogo are you exactly?

Embun: In my home, Blitar is safe.

Maju: It's not safe anymore. I wish it only happened once. My neighbor has ever lost his Ambon Banana. I condemn the thief.

Nugroho: They did it ony once. Let them took all. It only happened once. God will reward it.

Maju: Begging is better than stealing. I also lost mine, but just a little. You can report it to the police, but we will be sinful avoiding the poor with poverty, lacking money and food.

Tanuwidjaja: It reminds us to learn what our ancestors did. They used magical power to secure their fields.

Nugroho: Sometimes people are shy to ask for little chili, then while grassing they take it.

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