The Best Cage for My Rabbit

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Shrek: Mates, what is the best cage size of my rabbit? I wanna put it with her baby for several days before they can live without her mother. I need your suggestion what size is good in order they are not stressed. I do need your suggestions.

Zein: How much its weight, what kinds of rabbit is that?

Shrek: I heard from friend that Angora rabbit is better for meat business. I am new in this field. I e never raise any rabbit before. I want to raise it after my friend asked me to raise it. The rabbit hasn't been here yet. Could you give me suggestion? What kind of pellet is the best one in order it can grow fast, so that I could sell it soon? I have ever heard that Angora Rabbit could grow faster than the others and it could bear many babies. It also good for serious beginner farmers.

Novianti: Angora rabbit is not for meat business. People usually raise it just as pet at home.

Zein: Sorry, Mate. As I know, Angora rabbit is not suitable for meat business. Angora Rabbit is the long-hair one. For meat business, better you choose Newzealand, Bligon, Flemish Giant. these kinds could grow fast.

Nanang: I suggest you to build cage with length 90 centimeters, wide 65 centimeters, and tall 60 centimeters. Buy Flemmish Giant and bligon with 4.5 kilo grams weight.

Pujianti: What a poor rabbit if you make Angora Rabbit as meat business. It's not for delicious menu. It's a lovely one just as pet at home.

Zein: Nanang is a successful rabbit farmer, let's consult to him. Before you buy rabbit, better you learn the kinds of it on Google, so that you know how many kinds of rabbit. So that you can choose what rabbit to raise.

Rabbitry: Cool...!!

Shrek: Hehehehe.... Ow, so, Angora Rabbit is not for meat business. Well, How much the price of Bligon or angora rabbit, the mature one which is ready for breeding? Then, what kind of pellet is good for the babies in order they can grow fast? Are there any buyers in Blitar? And, for all suggestions.

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