Terror Attack Has Reached Indonesia

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A: Hey, look!
B: What? Terror attack...?
A: Yeah, Indonesia will like Iraq and Syria.
B: What do they want? Isn't this the most populated Muslim country in the world?
A: Are sure they are Muslim?
B: You?
A: We have experiences in Bali island. Now, the terrorist group plan to recruit Indonesian people.
B: They bombed the place where most people do not follow the Muslims' rule.
A: Yeah. They might think that the step to stop evil "by hand, by mouth/tongue, then by heart" mean "beating, delivering speech with anger or hatred, then praying".
B: Then?
A: The Muslims must follow the scholars, one scholar Ibnu Taymiyahh has explained that only government can do the first one using their power (hand). If the evil still remained, then  the second step by the scholars or by Mufti (he who has skill in delivering speech). The last one is we praying together.
B: That make sense. Not all people can take art in such big staff.
A: Yeah. Many Muslims today do not learn Islam properly. It makes them go astray.
B: Are all area of Indonesia being threaten by the terror attacker?
A: No, Those are only several area.
B: Maybe the area where people do not respect the Islamic law.
A: Maybe.
B: I think Islamic schools should reform their curriculum.
A: Yes, you're right. Islamic schools should improve the quality of their education as the meaning of Islam is 'Peace'.
B: But, it's not easy. How is their future if they only study about religion?
A: Religious school shouldn't teach only religious subject. Muslims generation should learn knowledge to live in this world and knowledge to live in the here after. The second one well known as religious subject.
B: I see.

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