Price of My New Jamnapari Goat is 2.5 million Rupiahs

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Wicaksono: Sorry, Masters. I have just bought Etawa Goat (Jamnapary or Jamunapary). The price is 2.5 million rupiahs. Is it too expensive or too cheap. The owner said it's 7 months old.

Listianto: Average.

Wicaksono: Thank fr your response, Sir. That's Etawa Goat, Sir.

Listianto: Yup. It looks like the one usually takes part at Goat Contest.

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Wicaksono: Do you mean it's a good one? So, I'm so lucky buying it? It's just 7 months old, the owner said. In your opinion, dose it grade E of F, Sir?

Listianto: Where did you get it, Brother? Sorry I don't really understand the grade.

Wicaksono: I bought it in Mentaras Goat Market in Gresik. It was with its mother, but I bought only the Goatling. I bought the mother but I sold again at that market. Both costed 6 millions Rupiahs. The owner told me that the mother was 3.5 millions Rupiahs. While the Goatling was 2.5 millions rupiahs.

Woko: I think It's expensive. It's too young based on the ear.

Wicaksono: Ow, Will it bear big generations?

Woko: Good enough, it's graded the same as the one commonly found in meat business.

Wicaksono: Thanks, Mr. Woko.

Yarosid: It's cheap, I think.

Wicaksono: What is the difference between PE and Etawa, Brothers?

Gaptek: It's slim.

Egga: PE stands for Peranakan Etawa, it means Etawa Mix. What makes Etawa loooks great is the black color at its neck up to its head, the dome-shaped nose, the long ear, big body, thick fur, and full of hair at its buttock.

Noldua: I am also confused what the difference between PE and Etawa, but as I know, both have black head, the bodies are big, the ear are long, the noses are dome-shaped. Those are the good ones.

Lhaiya: I am also confused. Mine is also black head, though there is spotted parts. The nose is dome-shaped, the ears are long, the hair is thick at its buttock, but my friend said it's PE, not Etawa.

Noldua: That's Mix Etawa.

Eko: That's cool. The tongue is long.

Lamo: If may I ask, My PE is weak, what's the matter?

Noldua: For the young one which is still drinking milk of its mother, give the mother Vitamin. It might lack of milk.

Praditya: You can search on Google what the difference between PE and Etawa, Brothers.

Lamo: I have treat it well, but it died this morning. I am sad. I am a new goat farmer.

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