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Subroto: We offer house for rent. It is located near IAIN College, from the Mangli crossroad go to south about 500 meters, near Tossa Dealer. We rent the room, 450 for a month. It includes electricity and wifi. The room is large with bathroom inside. We also provide large parking area and large drying area. The environment is so convenient and fresh, safe, and quiet. We also accept couple. However, our house closes at 22.00. But, for you who are work until late at night, I provide you key for the gate. Don't hesitate to come here. For more information, you can call me at 083756987477

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Wulan: Is it far from the city center?

Subroto: It's in the downtown. It's only 57 minutes to town square. Come here, then you can decide.

Tyoef: Where is it exactly located?

Subroto: In the north of Mangli Square, next to Tossa Dealer.

Tyoef: Is that near Mangli Elementary School?

Subroto: Yes, beside it.

Tamp: Could I pay the bill yearly?

Subroto: Sorry, you must pay monthly.

Tamp: I have had a kid. Could I rent one room?

Subroto: Yes, you can with additional cost 25.000 rupiahs. The parking area is in front of the room.

Tamp: Is there any kitchen?

Subroto: We have only one kitchen for all tenants, but you can bring your own stove to cook.

Tamp: Thank, Sir. I'll tell my wife. If she likes it, we will come there.

Subroto: Ok.

Anandra: Could I bring my girl friend?

Subroto: Sorry, it's only for good guy. We have rules based on the local policy.

Zakaria: That's free wifi, right?

Subroto: Yes, but it's sometimes so slow when many tenants use it.

Zakaria: It doesn't matter.

Derajat: Do you also rent a house for one person?

Subroto: Sorry, I don't.

Subroto: Here the address, OTISTA Street 65 Mangli-Jember, from Mangli crossroad go to south, next to Tossa Dealer. Call me for further information. Text me on my BBM 561L453C

Utami: How large the room?

Subroto: 3 x 4 meters.

Derajat: I have been searching Otista Street, but I haven't found it yet. Nobody knows that street.

Subroto: Call me now.
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