My Paralyzed Asian Leopard Cat

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Ferdiansyah: I have just got from a hunter, its back leg is broken. How to cure it? It's still vicious, not tame yet.

Prabowo: Bandage it with sirih (betel).

Taw: Why don't you bring it to veterinarian?

Samudero: It's good idea. By bringing it to veterinarian, it can be easily handled. Wild Asian Leopard is not easy to tame, moreover you get it in its old age. The way of catching it also affects its character. It becomes more vicious.

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Ferdiansyah: Its age is three months. Is it hard to tame?

Samudero: Based n the chronology, this Asian Leopard has physical and psychological trauma  because of the way the hunter catching it. When it's caught in the wild, it might conduct a defense act to protect itself. So that the hunter treated it roughly . This incident has broken its leg. Though it survives, but it maybe impossible to be tamed. It's different from another Asian Leopard which is captured properly by trapping it or captured in its young age (1 - 2 months). Remember, animal has strong memory, whatever we do to it, it will remember. Don't treat it roughly.

Samudero: Ferdiansyah, Your Asian Leopard Cat is hard to be tamed. I suggest you to bring it to veterinarian to cure the wound and its broken leg. Any delay may kill it.

Ferdiansyah: Thanks for your suggestions.
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