My Papayas Are Infected By Fungal Disease

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Sastromiharjo: The skin of my papayas are spotted. Do you have any solution?

Sakti: That's infected by fungal diseases, Sir.

Wahyono: That's caused by weaver ants.

Sulton: I think that's caused by flies. Treat it with insecticide.

Sastromiharjo: Sakti, I think you're right. It's rainy season, the skin's damp then got easily infected by fungal disease. Treat it with fungicide.

Agri: This is fungus. If I am not wrong, it's Cercospora Fungus. You can prevent it with Dithane or Antracol; once in a week is enough.

Sastromiharjo: I think so, it's fungal disease. Thanks for your advice. I will try.

Agri: Wish it become solution.

Sastromiharjo: Thank you so much, Agri.

Agri: Don't mention it.

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