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English Conversation, English Dialogue, English Speaking, Role Play, Spoken English Josh: We will study with new teacher.
Paul: This morning?
Josh: Yeah. The first lesson.
Paul: He is such a great teacher.

Josh: How do you know?
Paul: Harry told me. He is funny, so friendly.
Josh: Great.
Paul: He taught with game.
Josh: That's interesting. We can enjoy the class. The class won't be boring.
Paul: He has lots of experiences. He has been teaching at several schools.

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Josh: How old is he?
Paul: He is still young like Mr. Ahnaf. He is an energetic man.
Josh: Spirit.
Paul: Yeah.
Josh: Have you done your homework?
Paul: Mathematics?
Josh: Yeah.
Paul: I don't like it, I don't like the teacher. I don't like the way she teach.
Josh: She is short tempered.
Paul: As though i have never been in her class without seeing her getting angry.
Josh: If we may choose to leave her class, I'll never be in her class.
Paul: Yeah. But, Mathematics is important.
Josh: (Sigh) Most elder teachers are not friendly.
Paul: But not all.
Josh: Yeah, most of them.
Paul: But, young teachers lack experiences.
Josh: Senior teachers should be more professional.
Paul: (Shrug)

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