My Hobby is Watching Smack Down

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A: Hi Dude, What program is that?
B: Talk Show. It's a good program. I like it. I always watch it.
A: Why don't you watch Smack Down program? It's more interesting, right.
B: I don't like watching people fight each other.
A: It's cool, Dude. Come on. Don't you like watching men with spirit?
B: Spirit?
A: Yes, Watching Smack Down burn up my spirit.
B: But, why your body is so slim? Why don't you try to make your body like them?
A: Hehehe...

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B: Why do you lough?
A: Yeah... That..!! I don't know. Actually, I really want too make my body like them: full of muscle, so big, six pack, so sexy. I am sure, women like such body.
B: You're right. It's just a wasting time watching TV show without any influences in you. Like me, I like watching Talk Show, by this, I feel that I can speak like great speaker or motivator. I can speak in front of many people now. 
A: Really?
B: Yeah.
A: Invite me once you deliver your speech. I want to know it.
B: Okay. So stop watching any Smack Down program if you don't get any advantage of it.
A: Hm... It's hard for me.

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