My Asian Leopard Cat's Suffering From Diarhea

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Kurniawan: Excuse me, I need your help. My Asian Leopard Cat suddenly weaken his legs and hard to walk. What's wrong? Please help me to find solution.

Yasahardja: That's caused by Virus, like mine after suffering from diarhea. But, I forgot the name of the Virus.

Leo: How old is that? What food and what milk you give to it?

Yasahardja: It's 4 months old. I give it wet food and dry food.

Leo: I am sorry to hear that. Is it still alive?

Yasahardja: Yes, it's still alive. It eats much.

Leo: Asian Leopard Cat which is suffering from diarhea and also paralyzed, but still alive until now. You must be such a patient cat lover.

Yasahardja: When it was suffering from the diarhea, it could walk normally. But, after I brought it to veterinarian, the following day, it recovered from the diarhea illness, but he was paralyzed. I put a pity on it.

Rufriandi: So it's still eating much like normal?

Kurniawan: It's 4 months old, Brother. I give it freshwater cat fish fr food and water for its drink.

Doni: Give it much milk. Feed it regularly to make its immune to any diseases. If you can, feed it every three hurs.

Bobby: Based on my eperience, try give it water mix with sugar.

Rufriandi: It's still possible to recover and back to its normal condition if it eats normally. But, my cat is also like that now, always sleeps all the time. If you give it uncooked freshwater cat fish, don't give the one longer in freezer. It might lack vitamin.

Andry: My experience is the same, my cat suddenly paralyzed. It was also the same age with yours. Many friends suggested me many medicine, but I chose the more make sense to me. It might lack calcium. Therefore, give it boiling chicken claws during its illness. Chicken claws contain much calcium in it. You can also give it Habbatusauda Oil and Pure Honey every morning and evening. After a week treated my my cat, it recovered after a week. I am so lucky, my cat survives until now.

Ambartyas: You can give it Becombin or B Kompleks.

Kurniawan: Thanks for your suggestion, Friends.
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