Morning Rain Makes Me Sleepy

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English Conversation, English Dialogue, English Speaking, Role Play, Spoken English A: What sound is that?
B: Rain. It's raining.
A: The school should be free.
B: Hey..!! We have an exam today. We must go to school.

A: It's cold, Dude. Continue sleeping is better. We don't have any umbrella. How d we get there?
B: The rain will stop soon.
A: It's about seven.
B: I'll cover my body with plastic.
A: Your shoes?
B: I put it in plastic bag.
A: Super..!! I'm proud of you. I wanna go to bed.

C: What a heavy rain. As if the flood will come again.
B: What?
A: Yeah, it's dangerous. (Speaking beneath the blanket)
C: The wind blows very fast. It could blow down any trees.
B: (Get confused) Our land lady has a raincoat.
A: What a diligent student! Super.
C: Look, the thunder light lit up the sky.
A: No teacher will come to school.
B: No. All teachers will come to school. They must fulfill their duty teaching students. 
A: No students will come, but you.
C: Hahah haha hahaa ....
B: I'll go.

A thunder light break up the sky 

C: It's dangerous. Don't be crazy.
A: Let him go. He's a superman. None will harm him.

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