Looking For Livestock Shelter For Rent

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Gunawan: Does anybody know livestock shelter for rent? The size is enough for 5.000 cows; in Central Java or East Java Province. My friend's looking for it.

Edo: What about the smaller one? It's enough for 50 or 60 cows.

Gunawan: Sorry, He needs the big size which is enough for 5.000 cows. I don't know whether it's for imported cows or for breeding.

Edo: Ow, I think it's just to accommodate imported cows, not for breeding.

Sajja: I think so. That's for accommodation of imported cows. Such huge number mustn't be breeding business.

Edo: How would it work?

Seaman: Maybe he need the colonized type shelter.

Nyah-nyoh: Please don't help importer.

Seaman: Such huge number must be importer.

Nazzy: Yes, that's importer. I agree with you.

Sumarianto: I have a shelter for 200 cows, but not for rent, it's for sell.

Falah: I suggest you to call Mr. H. Tono, I am sure he has such huge size shelter.

Jabal: Make sure, mates. If he's an importer, please don't help him.

Vpiwi: How much money I'll get if I help you to find such huge shelter?

Toro: That's really huge number. Who is he?

Gunawan: He is my friend from Yogyakarta. If most of friends think he is an importer, I prefer cancel it. Mr. Vpiwi, you can directly contact him. Mr. Seaman, it may be for breeding too, if you have any information, please call me. I just help he to find such shelter for rent. I'll make sure whether it's for accommodation of imported cows or for breeding. But, as I know, he never import any cows before.

Armadi: 5000 cows is very huge number. He must be an importer.

Gunawan: May be, Mr. Armadi. He is a consultant in livestock business. Maybe his client who need it. I suggested him to find in NTT, but he wants in Central Java or East Java.

Waluyo: In Tengaran, Patemon there is a shelter enough for 1000 cows.

Ahmad: 5000 cows is a very very huge number. It's really huge. If he needs for upgrading livestock business, it's good. It also help the small livestock farmers. But, if he works with importer, it's the same as helping someone who want our business collapse.
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