Let's Go Shopping

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A: Hello. (on a phone)

B: Hello. Good morning. This is Mr. Tomas' house. Who is speaking?

A: I am Ary. May I speak To Dewi?

B: Could you hold the line, Please.

(Dewi comes)

C: Hello, Ary.

A: Hello, Dewi. How are you?

C: I am good. You?

A: Great. What are you doing there?

C: Nothing. It's too early to do something, just checking email and reading some news online.

A: What if we go shopping?

C: Shopping?

A: Yeah. Come on, take a bath.

C: Hmm... It's too early. I am too lazy to go out.

A: But, we're going to the movie this evening, right?

C: Yes, I don't forget it. I don't want to do anything this morning. I want to sleep again.

A: Hey..!! Did you sleep late?

C: I was watching movie up to 12.00.

A: What kind of movie?

C: Cartoon. I found it on YouTube.

A: So, you want to sleep.

C: Yeah. Bye.

A: Bye.

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