Learning German is Important For Me

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English Conversation, English Dialogue, English Speaking, Role Play, Spoken English A: What language is that?
B: German.
A: Are you learning German?
B: Yes.

A: Why do you learn German?
B: I think German is important. German is such a great country. This country is the economic power of Europe. So I really want to know the culture, the history; I want to read the literature book of German. I am sure that there are lots f things I can learn from German.
A: Will you study there?
B: If I have chance.
A: Is it difficult?
B: No, It's not really difficult. Some words are similar to English. In English we can say, "Good night", in German we can say, "Gute nacht".  
A: What about the Grammar?
B: Hmm... It's quite complicated. English is more simple.
A: How is your progress now?
B: Good. It's easy for me. I have been able to read now.
A: Good job.
B: What about French? Are you not interested in it?
A: People said French is the language of love, but the pronunciation is difficult. It's hard for me.
B: Many people learn French.
A: I see.

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