Is Asian Leopard Cat "Indonesian Purebred?"?

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Anwar‎: Is Asian Leopard Cat an Indonesian purebred? As I know, Indonesia has no purebred cat like Kintamani Dog as Indonesian Purebred Dog.

Ghazali: Indonesia has purebred cat, but I forgot the name. It's similar to Dome Cat.
Milanisty: Busok.

Hernández: Madura Cat?

Aprul: Garong Kucing is Indonesian Purebred. (joking)

Sayuti: Have you ever heard Buso Cat?

Anwar: Buso Cat or Raas Cat has solid color, right? I have ever had it. I found it in Bogor. The mother is local one, but one of the baby is solid grey.

Samudero: Asian Leopard Cat is endemic cat. It is not Indonesian Purebred Cat. It can be found in Sumatra, Java, and Kalimantan/Borneo Island. It can also be found in Malaysia, China, Japan, India, Thailand, and Africa with little bit different color. In TICA (The International Cat Association), it's well known as Asian Leopard Cat, while in Indonesia named Forest Cat/Wild Cat. It's also well known as the ancestor of The Hybrid Bengal Cat.

Mandiri: Indonesia should be proud of itself as this country has lots of endemic floras and faunas. One of fruit originated grown in Indonesia has been claimed from Brazil. Garong Kucing might be claimed as Spanish purebred.

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