I Wanna Sell My Male Bengal Cat

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Pujianto: This is my male Bengal Cat. I wanna sell it.

Jamal: How much does it cost?

Pujianto: I have sent the price to your Facebook inbox. Check it!

Jamal: No message yet.

Pujianto: Sorry, bad reception.

Sudrajat: How much is it? Text me the price!
Pujianto: Done. Check it.

Febriansyah: Me too.

Pujianto: Ok. Done. Check it. Maybe, better you invite my BBM Pin. The internet connection is bad here. Maybe, better you invite my BBM Pin.

Febriansyah: Where is your BBM Pin?

Wibowo: Text me too.

Pujianto: Here is my BBm Pin 8C78B2AC. Please invite.  (A few minutes later) Booked. But, (In the afternoon) Booking cancelled. For you who seriously want to buy it, text me. Don't go after dealing.

Saputra: What a coward, after dealing the price, then leave without any confirmation.

Pujianto: Yup, he made appointment to confirm me in the afternoon, I was waiting, but no confirmation. I asked him, but he asked me to cancel it. He is not a serious buyer. It doesn't matter, God will reward what he did to me.

Saputra: You're right, mate. Be patient.

Shap: Text me the price.

Prabowo: Me too.

Pujianto: Me too.

Bladu: Me too.

Pujianto: Check it.

Amien: 1.000.000 Rupiahs.

Jamal: 1.000.0000 Rupiahs.

Pujianto: Sorry, find another seller for such cheap price. It's a Bengal Cat with pedigree certificate.

Coxlat: If only 1.000.000 rupiahs, I take it.

QiQi: What a cheaper price if only 1.000.000 for Bengal Cat with Pedigree Certificate. It's cheaper than F1 Asian Leopard. If you don't know the proper price of cat, don't bargain.

Barrsalamu: 1.000.000 is not the price for real Bengal Cat.

Pujianto: How can anyone bargain such Bengal Cat only 1.000.000 rupiahs. Don't you have any compassion?

Pujianto: Someone sold Bengal mix Persian yesterday for 3.5 million rupiahs.

Ilza: That's cute.

Alwaluhy: It's like Dome Cat. Wish it sold soon.

Pujianto: It's pure bengal, no dome.

Saputra: Please be wise. Don't bargain with such very low price. Don't be crazy. Though this is not mine, but I really don't like such crazy idea. Please bargain with proper price.

Pujianto: Thanks for your support, Mate.

Saputra: Don't mention it.

Pujianto: The cat is accompanying me listening to music right now. If nobody want to buy it, I will raise it.

Pujianto: Maybe he doesn't understand the price of Bengal Cat.

Saputra: He might be not understand the price of Bengal Cat. He has been here for a long time.

Erian: 1.5 million rupiahs.

Vayo: It's okay 1 million rupiahs, but just a sack of Cat Food.

Eldorado: I suggest you to include the price to promote it. So that buyer will bargain with proper price.

Pujianto: Please reread the thread. I'll text the price in your Facebook inbox. Check on your Facebook inbox.

Ardi: The normal price may be 5 million rupiahs.

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