How To Treat Disease Infect My Palmas Fish

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English Dialogue, English For Business, English Speaking, Hobby, Spoken English, Cat Fish, Gibran: What kind of disease is this, it often infect palmas fish. How to cure it. My palmas fish become red and the fin is broken.

Masud: I know the medicine.

Gibran: What's that, Mate?

Bule: As I know, it' infected by bacteria and worm at its scales which make it red.

Gibran: Then how to treat it?

Bule: Put salt, oksitetra and metilinblue inside the tank before you change the water. Ten minutes later refill it with water. How large your tank is?

Gibran: 50 centimeters length, 25 centimeter wide, and 25 centimeters tall. The fish is about 15 centimeters. What kind of salt? How much should I put?

Bule: Refill it with water up to 20 centimeters high, then put 2 spoons salt, metilin 5 drops, oksinya a half poon. Where do you live?

Gibran: I am in Surabaya. Do I need to take out the other fish during the treatment?

Bule: No, you mustn't.

Gibran: Is that salt that used for cooking or fish salt?

Bule: Better using English Salt, but salt for cooking is okay.

Gibran: Should I use heater? Does such disease also infect Alligator Fish?

Bule: If the temperature is above 28 C, you don't need to use any heater. Such disease is rarely infect Alligator Fish. It often infect Palmas Fish.

Malik: I always use Rifampicin 450 milligram. It works.

Trezna: Is this a disease named Pineapple Scales?

Malik: Sorry, I don't know.
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