How To Tame My New Asian Leopard Cat

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Endreuw: Excuse me, I need sugestions. My Asian Leopard Cat easily got shocked, how to tame it? It's 2 months old.

Amg: It's normal Asian leopard Cat easily got shocked in that age. Protect your body from its paws and tusks. Touch it often to make it familiar with you.

Ibadurrohman: Keep in touch with it. Keep it often. It's normal to be injured while taming an Asian Leopard Cat. Prepare medicine.

Benz: You can also tame it near hospital. If it attacked you, you can easily cure the wound there. (joking)

Chaniago: The cat is cool.
                   My Asian Leopard Cat's Suffering From Diarhea

Samudero: The color is cool.

Endreuw: My house is near to hospital.

Benz: Good. You're lucky.

Samudero: You don't need to go to hospital, it will not cause any serious wound. Just give it gasoline. hehehe... (joking)

Benz: hahahahah... yeah, use gasoline to cure the wound. If it can't cure it, give it more, then burn it. (joking)

Endreuw: hhahahahaha...

Ber: You're joking me.

Sudrajat: Control the diet.

Endreuw: Excuse me, my cat's suffering from diarrhea, what medicine to cure it? What kind of anthelmitic is suitable for it? Its appetite is not normal, so it drinks too much. I give it SGM 0-6 Milk.

Samudero: Don't give it SGM 0-6 Milk months. It contains lactose. The diarrhea be might caused by the improper milk. You should give it SGM LLM+ Presinutri. You can use Diacat as the anthelmitic. You can buy it at Pet Shop. You can also use Diapet as alternative. Divide it into four parts. Give one part to your cat every 4 hours until the diarrhea cured. Don't give milk to it before the diarrhea cured.

Maeda: Accompany your cat in its bed, don't let it sleep alone. Trust me, it will easily be tamed. (joking)
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