How to Drive Out Birds (Pest) on My Rice Field

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Ratman‎: A rice field of a farmers are damaged by bird (pest). He has put up a statue and hanging plastic to make noise to chase away the birds, but the birds still remain. However, there is something odd, the rice fields near his are not damaged by such pest. It's not something odd actually, but it's because of camphor.

Putra: How does it work?

Dhis: Please share with us how it work.

Dadung: Please share with us how it work.

Ratman: Put the camphor inside bottles. Make some little hole on the bottle lid. Put in several places: in every corner, in the middle, or whenever you want to make the aroma spread over your rice field. The position should be about 20 centimeters under the grain of the rice. Stick it at a wood stick.

Chan: Could it also drive out mice?

Ratman: It ca't drive out any mice. To drive out any mice, you can use cricket. Mice are afraid of the sound.

Chan: Ow, I think mice don't like such camphor smell. Thanks for your advice.

Makruf: Is the bottle above the grain or under it?

Ratman: Under the grain or along side with the grain.

Makruf: How far the gap between the bottles?

Ratman: You can buy 10.000 rupiahs camphor for more than 1 hectare rice field. It' enough to use since the grain has just appeared until harvesting come.

Hakim: Thank you so much, Sir.

Ziddan: Thank you, Sir.

Diningrat: Is it true birds are afraid of the camphor smell?

Winarno: Where do you live, Sir? I wan to visit your rice field.

Panji: Let the birds eat all the rice. It's shodaqoh. (joking)

Dovy: How happy you who have such guest to eat. God will reward you. (joking)

Ratman: You're right. Don't drive out the bird. Let them eat all. (joking)

Kemen: You will lose all, if you let the birds there.

Febriano: To get reward mustn't do such act, helping others to find solution of their problems is a good deed that will be rewarded by God.

Julianto: If you have such idea, let all pests damage your farm.

Lasana: kelaparan krn gagal panen... You are kind to pests, but your family will be starving.

Suseno: Is the camphor mix with water in the bottles?

Ratman: No water in. The bottle must be dry.

Suseno: Okay, thank you. I'll try.

Suseno: I use net to reduce such pest.

Sis: You can also use Radoc to drive out birds and mice.

Winarno: What else, Sir? There is no Radoc here.

Sis: I don't know, Sir. I just use Radoc.

Arya: In which region is that having such lots of birds?

Sutejo: Lamongan, Sir. There are lots of birds here.
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