Having Breakfast With Healthy Menu

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A: I want delicious fried rice.
B: Fried rice? It's morning, fried rice is just for dinner. Understand!
A: But I want it now.
B: Mom doesn't provide any fried rice in the morning.
A: Salad... salad... salad... it's boring.
B: Eating vegetable is good for your health.
A: What abut noodle?
B: That's a fast food, Dude.
A: What about fruit?
B: That's good. 
A: I want three mangoes, five apples, two banana, four coconuts, six papayas, five ...
B: Five trucks of fruits...!! What are you talking about?!
A: hee... (chuckling)
B: Egg, a slice of meat, and soup. Eat it all..!!
A: (Stare at him)
B: Eat it up...!!
A: (Sigh and shrug) Okay, I'm eating.
B: You didn't drink your milk yesterday.
A: I'm not a kid anymore.
B: What?! You're seven years old, Kid...!
A: Yeah, I am seven years old. I don't need to drink any milk anymore.
B: You must drink milk regularly.

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