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English Conversation, English Speaking, English Dialogue, Spoken English, English For Tourism, A: Do you plan to go traveling net holidays?

B: Next holidays? It's still long.

A: Next month.

B: No holidays until April.

A: What?

B: Yeah. You?

A: Next month. I plan to go to Komodo Island.

B: Komodo Island? Is that the only place entice you to visit?

A: I think so.

B: Have you come to travel agent for any other tourist destination?

A: No. Do you have any recommendation?

B: No, I don't.

A: I hope you join me, but it's impossible.

B: I am sorry, next month is a busy moment for me. You can invite another friend.

A: So, your holidays is in April?

B: Yeah, the second week, I think.

A: Do you have any plan to spend your holidays?

B: I don't know. It's still long.

A: What do you usually do on holidays?

B: I spend most of my times watching movie.

A: So, you don't like to go somewhere?

B: Yes.

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