Feeding My Pet White Cute Bunny

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Aksel   : (Outside the gate) Alfonso. God morning.
Alfonso: Hi, Aksel. You, come in. (Open the gate)
Aksel   : What are you doing? Don't you go fishing?
Alfonso: No, I am feeding my pet.
Aksel   : Wow, big bunny. That's so cute.
Alfonso: That's my lovely white bunny.
Aksel   : What's that? (Pointing a cage on a jack fruit tree)
Alfonso: That's flying squirrel. I have six. I have hamsters too.
Aksel   : You are animal lover.

Alfonso: Yeah. I'll build a mini zoo.
Aksel   : That's a great idea.
Alfonso: Is that snake? (Pointing a branch of mango tree)
Aksel   : Yes, I have one.
Alfonso: How long is the body?
Aksel   : It's about three meters.
Alfonso: Is that venomous one?
Aksel   : No. It's safe. You can touch and hod it.
Alfonso: No, I am afraid.
Aksel   : (Laughing) It's just a snake.
Alfonso: D you also any cat?
Aksel   : Yes, Himalayan and Persian Cat. They are at their own home.
Alfonso: They'll eat your hamsters.
Aksel   : Yeah.
Alfonso: Do you know Sphynx Cat?
Aksel   : Sphynx? The hairless cat. Yeah, but it's so expensive.
Alfonso: Do you breed all these animals?
Aksel   : Yes, I sell the young ones to other animal lovers.
Alfonso: So you make money through this.
Aksel   : Some times.

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