German Days of The Week

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German Days of the week is almost the same. If you have already learn English or native speaker of English, it's easy for you to remember. Here are:

Montag         Monday
Dienstag       Tuesday
Mittwoch      Wednesday
Donnerstag   Thursday
Freitag          Friday
Samstag        Saturday
Sonntag        Sunday

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Es ist Donnerstag
Morgen ist Freitag
Heute is Donnerstag
Gestern war Mittwoch

Am Montag  On Monday
Montags       On Mondays
Am Nachmittag(s)    In the afternoon
Am Abend(s)            In the evening
In der Nach(s)           At night

Those are the German days of the week and the examples in the sentences. You can also learn German number from 0 - 100.

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