To be Independent and Egoism

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Ardian and Sony were born in Indonesia. They have graduated from senior high school. They plan to apply for college.

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Ardian : What program will you take?
Sony     : related to business.
Ardian : Wow, you dream to be rich, huh...!
Sony     : Life needs money, man. I hope to be independent soon.
Ardian : Independent?
Sony     : I am eighteen now. It's not cool to live with parent.
Ardian : Are you sure?
Sony     : I'm not a kid anymore. I must live my own life, with my money.
Ardian : Will you leave your family?
Sony     : I didn't mean that. I just ... I don't want to bother them. It's my life. I should fulfill my need with my hand.
Ardian : That's good idea. But, togetherness is better than living alone. I don't mean to look down on your idea. In this planet, nobody live alone. They create any organization to succeed.
Sony     : I'll do the same. I will build my own organization.
Ardian : Why don't you build with your family? Family is an organization created by God, our creator.
Sony     : I just feel like a little baby who always shouting parents for his need.
Ardian : Why do you think so? The family members have strong relationship. Why should you leave and create another else? Great man can keep the relation of his family, can make it better than the former generation. None care more of you than your parents and relatives. And, you should do the same.
Sony     : I don't know.
Ardian : Don't be influenced by other culture. Good in other place doesn't mean the same here.
Sony     : Do you mean American culture?
Ardian : All people know that. We respect their culture, but mustn't follow it. We have our own culture, and more suitable for us.
Sony     : (Sigh)
Ardian : Many people including our teachers suggest us to go out of home. That's too bad. They think, by leaving home live would be better. We don't need to go somewhere, just keep struggle, so everything will change.
Sony     : (No word)
Ardian : You can be a leader of your family. Make it better. You don't need to be someone else.
Sony     : (Sigh)
Ardian : To live alone makes you free, free to do what you want. But, to be responsible is greater.

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