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What a great quote. I am not a philosopher like Plato, nor even one of his students. But,he has taught me a lot. Every single word of his saying is not meaningless. As like that quote, so short, simple sentences, but meaningful. I hope one day to be like him or even more.

Troubles of states

Nowadays is an era of violence. Maybe I am wrong, and none wants it. But, that's the fact. Our world is in trouble now. How many children cry, how many women are sobbing, how many fathers died. Many states and country are in trouble. Yeah, Plato is right. I do agree. These troubles will never end as the men in power are heartless.


Philosophers are men and women with much wisdom. They are the lovers of wisdom. It makes sense if the King of this world is a philosopher, The King will pour the life with love. Love is an incomparable power. It will abolish the evil. Then the world just dwelt by love.


He is the strongest man in power. They have all power. The world is in His hand. He own both love and evil. If He were a bad man, how miserable the life would be. The world will full of troubles and violence. The evil reigns the world. However, if He were a man with  so much love, then the world would cheer up.


King is a man with power and philosophers are men with love and wisdom. So many eyes are sobbing watching the King troubled the life and destroyed the love and harmony which has been built by those great philosophers. The lives of wisdom were destroyed. So much tears were flooding the neighborhood. All of our heart want to see The King and the philosophers are cooperatively hand in hand ruling our world.

Political Power and Philosophy

Politic is the power, and philosophy is the soul. Every country needs both. The political power rules it and defend it from enemy. Philosophy find the better path to where the life of the people will go further. The political power will do every act to do, and the philosophy know when to act.

Yeah, One of great quotes about life. It teaches me a lot. I just share a little. When I read that life quote again tomorrow, there would be new lessons I get.

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