Your Teacher Loves You

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"She told me lie! She gave me high score, but why I lost the match?"

Mother Julia was thinking, feeling sad, confusing, but smiling. Her lovely boy was crying sadly, mourning, and groaning. She was searching the best words to say, to heal the anger of him. It was four months ago she saw the laugh of him, chanting, expressing the happiness. "I get 9, Mom." It told them that he made good achievement in his study.

She was a teacher. Her husband was a taxi driver. She loved him so much though people looked down on a driver. "Don't be ashamed just because you're the son of a taxi driver," she gave him advice once. He was proud of her. A teacher was respected by people. He had understood much about the social classes. "If you can be the best student, people will not look down on you." He studied hard.

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"Mom, too many subjects I should learn," she groaned.

"Just learn it."


He looked so happy and studied with passion. But it was a lie. He just rewrote the text and drew something. His mom did not check what he did. "I can't memorize it all." His mom turned in. The night was so quiet. He closed all the books and went to bed. He used to wonder why his mom never accompany him study or read book story, but he buried it. What a great understanding for a boy.

"Mom, why my teacher just took the home work and said nothing?"

She knew the answer, but a smile was better. "You haven't understood yet," she didn't realize that she taught him the truth. He understood, so that he stopped asking. The moon smiled.

"What's wrong with him?"

He was speechless. He did not like to talk too much. He was a hard worker. But, he loved his son so much.

"He lost the match."

"He will win the next one."

"He gets angry with his teacher. He got high score at school."

He sighed. "How come?"

She has been so familiar with such tone, a question without expression. As though, he insisted her to explain how teachers work. But, both prefer let everything happen without any explanation. They didn't want to destroy their night. They have worked all the day.

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