Young Man Gave Advice To A Little Boy At Stall

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Picture: Kompasiana Roby Zul Fanani

It is 01:12 pm in Sleman, Yogyakarya, the special region in Indonesia. This morning visited some stalls which are known as "Burjo" with my colleague. Burjo stand for Bubur Kacang Ijo. I posted pamphlet there. After I posted on several Burjo, I found one where two boys, about 6-7 years old, were eating. A young man was sitting beside them while watching TV.

He greeted me, "What's up, Bro?" He looked so familiar. I told him that I wanted to post a pamphlet at his Burjo. He allowed me. While I posted the pamphlet, he got closer to the kids and said to one of them who was eating rice, "Hi Bro (Brother), if your friend ask you to fight, don't get angry. Get rid of him. Fighting is not good. Be a patient man. Being a patient man is ..."

"Get reward from God," one of them interrupted.

"Yeah, you'll get reward. But, if they humiliate your parent, you can take revenge."

I am so sorry, I didn't take their pictures. The picture above is just one example of Burjo in Jogja.

What a good young man. He may be just a worker who work for the Burjo owner. It means that his education is not really good. But, education is not only at school or college. Even those who have graduated from higher school or college behave badly in social. However, what this young man did is really great. Teachers are only working for about a half day at school, and parent are busy working making money. While the children cannot avoid the social influences.

If all people can do what that young man did, how beautiful the world is. The readers, I invite you to pray, let's pray together, "We hope that young man and those two little boys have good future. We hope they will be good men in future." I hope this story inspire others to be good people.

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