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Borjo is a name of food stalls in Yogyakarta or Jogja, the special region in Indonesia which is governed by Sultan. This city has a nickname 'The city of student'. There are lots of colleges and universities in this city. The famous one is Gajah Mada University. The special food of this city is Gudeg.

Borjo is a name of food stalls. There are lots of Borjo in this city. You can find it everywhere. The colors are yellow, green, and red with a phrase "Good Day". Borjo is a good place to promote products by posting pamphlet on its wall. However, not all of them allow it.

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"Excuse me! May I post this pamphlet, Sir?"

"What's that?"

"English course institution. We have special program includes TOEFL Test. It's only $ 100 for six month."

"I don't know what TOEFL is. Sorry, it will make the wall dirty." Mr. Saman looked unfriendly.

"Ow, sorry. Bye."


Mr. Saman's son came. He studied at a university in Jogja. "Dad, I need money," he whispered. "for English course before taking TOEFL test."

"TOEFL? How much?"

"$ 200."

"What?! So expensive!" he looked so panic. "Come on, follow me!"


"Come on!"

They rode a motor cycle. Mr Saman chase the ESL marketing. He was sure able to find him. He rode so fast. The ESL marketing backed to Mr. Saman's Borjo. He posted the pamphlet on the electric tower in front of that borjo.

"Slow down, Dad...!!! Slow down...!!"

But unfortunately, a car hit them. Mr. Saman's son died.

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