The Dispute of Beauty

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If the beauty is the sky of life, how can I see above? How can I know the way? My soul will be jailed then. The sparkling stars at midnight, the smiling moon and the crescent, and the flower of the morning sun, what can I do with them? But if beauty is a garden on the valley or on the peak of mountain, how many beauty do exist? I will be tired to find the most meaningful one.

"Will you go away and never come back?"

Like a flower asked the bee in the morning of the raising sun, when it was pouring the earth with the light. The nature was smiling. Its smile told anyone how life is, but just few could understand. The will can be beyond the heaven, but what you are and where you are. The dream is an idea that you may fail or succeed to make it come true; and will remain as a dream.

Flower, it is a story about you which blossoming in the morning. When the night comes, the moon see you sleeping and losing your beauty. Now, the night held a party and the moon was the queen, the most beautiful one.

"Why are you living such life?"

I was smiling. I glanced at you hoping you understand the smile. But, you didn't. I knew it.

"You live a complicated life. It's confusing."

You didn't get confused, but you were curious. Confusion will make you get away, but you didn't.

"Don't you want to live a normal life?!"

"What do you want?"

I am so sorry if my response hurt your feeling.

"Do you like rain?"

Was that a question? I'd told you. Listen up! It was a beauty for some.

"The rain always troubles me. I don't like it."

You claimed the rain is not a beauty. You hated the dropping rain. What about the night? What about us: me and you? What about the blowing wind? You didn't care of them. You just see a single thing among the millions.

"What kind of relation do we have?"


"It's madness."

"No, it's beauty."

"You're really crazy."

"Your heart never say that."


Million people are struggling. I smirk. Some are giggling. Will you smile? I tell the wind, "No need for the sky attract the earth to get up there, so does the earth." But in fact, the will mostly be defeated by itself. Yeah, the story will never end.

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