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What if a seller asked you to buy his or her stuff and said, "Buy it, share your wealth with me, share with my son and my daughter," what came to your mind? I want to invite you to talk about poverty, philanthropy, and business.It's my experience. It's true story.

Have you ever heard a great motivator said, "Don't think too much, take action!" They motivate people to be businesspersons. "Just start it out!" means, then, learn through the mistake. Good advice. But, consider what "Dare" means. If you dare to start the business out; if you dare to take the risk; if you dare to put the burden on your shoulder; don't invite others to involve.

That's cool. That's great. But, you're a coward when you wish others to be with you in that stuff. It was last night, not the first one, an old man which I give my respect to him, said to me, "Why don't you by my stuff? Share your wealth with my son." I will not mention his name, but I don't want you do what he did. He built his own business selling food. Until now, he doesn't make much money from that business. Then, he asks people around to help him by asking them to buy his stuff.

I pray for them. I hope God help him. He is not the only man doing it. I have met some men who built their own business and told people around that he was a great man, he dare to take risk. I was chuckling and smirking when they told others how hard their lives are, how hard having business are. I was saying in my heart, "If you are a great man, don't you dare to take the risk alone, to carry on the burden alone, and just keep smiling to people as though you are a very happy one who don't need other people to help?"

You said you take the risk, but you bother others. You bother your brothers, your sisters, your friends, your relatives, and all people you meet. Don't hope other people to have pity on you, but show people that you are the strong one. You are a man who can stand up tall without their hand.

However, if you are not really strong, it doesn't matter. You don't need to take risk or to build your own business. You can work for others and get annual or monthly income. It's fairer. Then, step by step you can build your own business without bothering people around.

What a motivator said is good, but he is not God who is always right. Don't accept it blindly. You need to learn how to do anything. You need to learn how to run a business, how to get success. It needs time. I appreciate them who work for other or in a company more than they who claim themselves great men and build their own business without much consideration and bother people around them. They work and get money. They don't make money by bothering others. What do people get by helping them? Nothing. Whereas, they get money.

Back to my story with that old man. It is a little bit trouble my mind, as though I am lack socialized. Yeah, I know, I should be socialized. However, it must be not too much. I have lots of thing to do. I must do only what I need to do. I should only eat what I need to eat. In my tradition, it is not good to each more than what I need. I have bought some beverage to him, but he wants me to buy more. "I am so sorry, I can't."

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