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Many people are learning English as it is the most used international language. Some are learning for job requirement, some are learning for scholarship, and the rest are learning English just to be able to talk with foreigners. Along with this phenomenon English schools business are spreading around the world. The business owners are so creative attracting people to learn English. "I want to help you, so please come here and pay me!" Yeah, they do that.

Based on my experience, it is different learning about English and learning how to use English. The first one is without limitation. Even English native speakers need to learn about English though they speak English well. Even an English professor still need to learn English. While the second one means that you just learn how to use English. You do not need to learn everything about English. It means, when you can speak English, can listen to English native speaker, can read English texts, and also can write English, it is done. Now, what you need to do is learning focusing on the subject you are interested in like Physics, Philosophy, Technology, etc. use English.

I have ever met a student. She spoke English well. She could read English book. She told me that her English was really bad. I asked her, "Do you read English book, may be, Biology book?" as she was a college student Biology program. She said, "No, I can't." I gave her an English text, "Can you read it." And, she could.

I have also met other English students with the same problem. I talked with some of them about confident. "You don't need to learn English anymore, what you need to do is make more practice." If they keep learning English, so they will be good learners of English, but not good users of English.

English is a language, if you never use it to talk about Science or about mining, etc. you will not be able to talk about those topics use English. You need to get use to speak English talking many topics. My first language is Madura, but I don't use it at school, so I can't explain about Physics, Biology, Technology, etc. use Madura language. I can, but so hard to do. Why? Because I never use this language in those topics.

So now, if you are learning English, realize what for are you learning English?

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