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Romantic languages on Google search

It was too late. The neighborhood was so quiet. The night was so cold. Aldo stayed up. He had just got up. It was time for him to write. The internet cost was so cheap at midnight, so that he went online. He has some websites. One of them was special for poem. He had written lots of poems.

He checked keyword search on Google AdWord Keyword planner to know what words and phrases were high searched. He also checked Google trend to know what topic most people searched online. He tried to search on Google search to find new idea to write. Google search engine showed him 10 articles; on the top was "Romantic Language in The World".

The website author put Spanish as the most romantic language in the world. "What about French?" It was so familiar that French was the most romantic language, but he did not know about Spanish. He tried searching Spanish woman on Facebook. He found many beautiful Spanish women. He added them and greeted them with Spanish which had been translated by Google translate. There were lots of English to Spanish translation service actually, but Aldo didn't have any idea to find them.

''Buenas noches."

But, she didn't respond him.

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My Spanish translator, translate my love poem

What if I translate my poem to Spanish? It's good idea, isn't it? He was thinking, smiling, and questioning himself. What should I do? Translate? No? Yes? He searched Spanish translator on Google. My poem is so romantic. Spaniards will like it. He found some Spanish translators who can translate English to Spanish or translate Spanish to English.

"I am a professional translator," one of those Spanish translator chatted him on Facebook. "I can translate English to Spanish or Spanish to English."

But, Aldo were not interested in the service. The Spanish translator was a beautiful woman. What if you translate the language of my heart? She was so wonderful. He wrote another poem.

My Love Poem for my Spanish translator

If the moon is the Queen of the night
you are the Queen of my heart
If flowers make my garden beautiful
you make my heart very beautiful

My Spanish translator,
if my poem less beautiful
it's because your beauty the angels' aura
Nothing more beautiful

My beautiful Spanish translator,
I want you to translate the language of my heart
So you don't need to translate my poems
because your beauty inspires me all the time
how many poems will I create?

He sent the poem through Facebook chat. He forgot all his website. His heart was ruled by her presence, the beautiful Spanish translator. Aldo really wanted to meet her, but the distance was a big obstacle. He had not made any money from his websites yet. Aldo was waiting her response, but it took too long. The night would end soon, but the beautiful Spanish translator hadn't given him any response.

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