Mistake of Mistake

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"Why are you doing that?"

What question is that? Should the open eyes ask me such question? You see. You know. It's clear for you. You understand. Is that an insinuation? A flying bird is impossible never touch the wind. Your age has rolled the earth more than a half. There is no single star doesn't know you. But, you tell me something by not telling me. But, I will never ask you the reason. You have given me million answers.

Your eyes stared at me, interrogate my heart, insist my mind to think hard. No, no, it won't change everything. I will keep forward strongly on my way. I am not in your world and I never insist you to be here. So don't force me to be there. There is no any tunnel connects our world.

The day is so hot. I am walking on the mistaken way. The road I am stepping on is not my way. I will learn how to walk on, but I hate it. I know and  understand that wherever I am, I couldn't avoid but should learn to avoid or keep closer. It is not mine, but I own it.

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"You know, you make a big mistake...!!"

If you gave me chance, I will explain you. Listen up! But, you don't need any explanation. Your question doesn't need any answer, your statement doesn't need any comment, and your presence doesn't need any eyes to look at.

"Why do you keep silent?"

"It's a mistake, but it were not if those were not."

You are frowning. You always do it when you are talking with me. Is it difficult to understand what I said? You get confused because you try to make clear the confusing thing. You don't need to do it, just find another.

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