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Learning English Grammar through texts means improving your grammar and increasing your vocabulary. Learning English grammar is not like learning Mathematics formula. The grammar is just the rule how to arrange sentences, while the words make up it. ESL learners need to save lots of words in his mind in certain order (Structured words). Bellow I provide you some sentences to guide you to learn English grammar tenses.

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1) Simple Present Tense, Past Tense, and Past Continuous

a) My mother is my best chef. She is the only one in our family who can cook. I and my father just can boil water and eggs. We cannot cook other foods. But, my father does not like eating eggs. He prefers eating tempe to eggs. I would rather eat fried chicken than eggs. But, we all like shrimp better than the other foods. My mother likes cooking fried shrimp in the kitchen. Fried shrimp is our favorite food. We like it so much.

Last month I and dad learned how to cook. Mom taught us. We could cook some foods, but the taste was not delicious. Then we gave up. "You are both not talented in cooking," mom said.

b) I do not know where he is now. He came here when I was sleeping last night. I heard someone knocked the door, but I did not care about it. Tono called me this morning when I was having breakfast. I picked up the phone and joked as usual. "It's serious, it's serious...!!" he said. I was shocked, wondering what happened.

2) Simple Future and Present Perfect Tense

I have finished my study. I also have found a good job. I have been waiting for it since four years ago. I will be hired at a bank next week. I will be so busy then. I will tell my mom and dad about my success. They must be so happy. Mom and dad have told me that I can live everywhere I want. But, if I can build my own business, I will live with them in village.

From the passages above, we can learn simple present tense, past tense, past continuous, simple future tense, and present perfect tense. There is also comparative degree.

present tense : my father does not like eating eggs
past tense : Last month I and dad learned how to cook
past continuous : He came here when I was sleeping last night
simple future : I will tell my mom and dad about my success
present perfect : I have finished my study
comparative degree : He prefers eating tempe to eggs

Learning English grammar this way means improving the grammar mastery and increasing your vocabulary.

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