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"My beautiful Spanish Translator," you called me.

No, it was too much. It made me frowning and smirking. Who are you? Do you know me? Do I know you? Why did it happen on me? It was 15 years ago my beloved mom was crying at her room. I heard it though she tried to hide it. And, it was not the first time. Yeah, I knew, she had just fight with my dad. I was a young girl and didn't really understand what the reason was. That night, I was thinking about relation and it made me afraid of dad and of all men too.

"Hi, Agata."

He was a handsome man, tall, and easygoing. Most of female friends liked him. I just glanced at him with a little smile and rushed away. For me, he was an intruder of my heart. I wanted him to get away of me. "He likes you, he loves you," Aina tempted me once. "Why do you get rid of him?" I told her that it was the wrong time to talk about it.

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I decided to be a Spanish translator after my teacher told me that my English was quite perfect. I spoke and wrote French as well. I could translate Spanish to English or English to Spanish, and French either. I enjoyed this job. I don't need to meet anyone by being an online Spanish translator. I always refuse to meet my male clients.

I have translated lots of texts and I enjoy this job. But, what kind of poem is it? What kind of feeling did you show me? Why are you doing it? You were far away there. It has been so long, it has been many years I don't keep in touch with such stuff. It makes me angry, sad, desperate, feeling disturbed. Why can I get rid of it?!

You also sent me a picture. Are they your mom and dad? Are those kids your little sisters? They look so happy. Did you want to tell me that it is different far away there? Why do you trouble me with this? I have translated your poem, but not the words.

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