I Am Free to be NOT Free

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"Are you sure to get married?"

She was just smiling, not too much response. She has known her well. Her name was Juliet, but she would never open her heart for any man. There was no place for man there. Rina often thought about her, questioned the wind why she really hated men. She would ask her, but it might hurt her feeling.

"Yes, of course."

"You'll have children?"

"I love it."


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When Rina was six years old, she asked her mom repeatedly when she had younger sister or brother. Her mom always responded with "As soon as possible". Rina did not understand the process. She thought her mom could made baby like cooking fried chicken in the kitchen. She laughed when she remembered it.

She was so lucky having a very happy family. She was far away from her dad, her mom, and her relative. She was always missing them, missing the moment of togetherness, missing the laughter around the dining table, missing the little sister hiding behind the door.

The years passed, she would be a mother. She imagined how the feeling being a mother. She remembered the smile of her mom when she troubled her. Sometimes she was worried to be burdened by lots of chores, but her mom was so happy. As though, she was the happiest woman in the world.

"Listen me! You will be jailed at your house. You'll not be free anymore."

"Juliet, I will always be free."

"What if ..."

"My mom and dad are so happy. We are big family. We all are happy."

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