Education To Stop Terrorism

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Terrorists have made terrorism become the most popular topic in the world. We heard about killing, abducting, bombing almost every day. It makes the world horrible. Terrorism makes the world suffer from terror. As though no one can solve it. It is getting higher and higher and expand its wings.

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Definition of terrorism

What is terrorism, what is terrorism definition? People do not need the right and clear definition of terrorism. All people have known what terrorism is. They just need the way to stop terrorists committing terror. A lot of parents are worried about their children as the most famous group which is known as terrorist group intensively recruit young generations to join them.

Some a worried to be victim of terrorism, and the other are worried their children and relatives be radicalized and join terrorist groups. The easy way to stop them killing people is by killing them. But, the ideology of terrorist will never be abolished by physical attack. But, without physical attack, their action will easily spread out and more people will be killed.

Education is the solution

Education means to change people to be better. That is education in my point of view. But, who will conduct it? Regarding to terrorism, it can be terrorist groups and non-terrorist groups. Those non-terrorist groups are they are who do not agree with terrorism. Then, how?

College education

College education doesn't seem to be important to be considered in terrorism problem. But the fact, many college students are easily influenced by radical ideology. In many countries, college students are still not sure about their life. They have just got away of their parent. They are not able to control and manage their life well yet. But, most of them want to be honored, respected, and appreciated. Terrorist recruiters use it to invite them to join.

Most college students do not want to be controlled by others. They think they have full authority on their own lives. They can chose what they want to be. And, once terrorist ideology influence them, it must be not easy to resolve. Therefore, college education play important role in decreasing terrorist ideology expansion.

Early childhood education

Early childhood is the golden age for education. It means educating and teaching children in their early age is the best choice. In this age their characters are built. In this age they learn about life. They imitate what adult do. Therefore, people who are closed to them must behave good, especially parent. Don't show them violent acts, but show them love instead.

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