Cutting Off Fingers Tradition of Dani Tribe

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Indonesia is an archipelago with lots of diverse cultures, traditions, and languages. There are some unique traditions which are still conducted until now, but some are not anymore. One of unique and extreme tradition is belong to Dani Tribe in Papua. It was a cutting finger off ritual. This ritual is not held anymore.

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This ritual was done to express condolence of family members who pass away. By this, they express their sadness of losing one family members. Through this, they also hope not to happen again losing family members. For people in central mountains, this ritual was held when the main family members die, such as husband, wife, father, mother, brother and sister. For people of Balim Jayawijaya, living together with family is really meaningful.

The reason they cut their fingers off are that fingers represent harmony, togetherness, and the strength of family. Fingers work cooperatively one another like family. So that, when one family member has gone, they cut their fingers off. This cutting ritual usually was done using sharp knife, ax, or tie the fingers for long period until it cut off by itself. This ritual usually conducted by women, but sometimes by men too.

But, this ritual is not conducted anymore. We just know from the elder people with cut off on their fingers. This is because of education and religion which have reached their territory. Besides cutting fingers off ritual, they also have tradition covering their body with mud for certain period. According to them, someone who has died come back again to the nature and human is made of mud.

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