Blue Fire is Memory

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It was so cold. But, the warm seized my soul. Your smile was the light. Our eyes stared at that blue fire on Mount. Ijen. In a glance, you look at me. Your smile told me the feeling that we were in paradise. "Look, the fire is blue. So unique, wonderful." Yes, the fire as blue as our love.

I will never forget that Spaniard who sang a Spanish Song. You said you loved Spanish so much. You greeted him, "Buenos dias." He was so happy meeting Indonesian spoke his language. You asked him to translate the song into English. That was the very romantic song: a great love story.

We did not sleep that night. We gave our night for blue fire. That night was like the entire story of ours, but it was the end. I have never imagined. If I could fly like a strong eagle with the strong claws, I would fly high and brought you to the moon.

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It was a year ago in East Java, the eastern part of Java Island. The moment that I will never forget. We went down the slope as the blue fire disappeared. You asked me to eat Tape Bondowoso, the food to warm up our body, the special food of that regency. "It'll kill the cold," you ate a lot. You cut the long Tape and asked me to open my mouth.

The blue fire has gone, the aroma of Tape Bondowoso that I never forget along with your breath has also gone away. My hand was not strong enough, so was my heart, to keep your heart. The blue fire did not only took the blue of our love, but everything has gone now.

"But you're alive."

Just the end of her words I remember. Yes, it was right, I am still alive. I hate this city. Here my love went away, but here the memory was sculpted. "Who is she? Who are you?"

"Why should tear take over the rain?"

"What did you mean? Who are you."

The smile appeared and went away, left a question.

*Blue is a symbol of love greatness
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