100 Free English Short Stories To Learn English Easily

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Short story can be an enjoyable media to learn English or other foreign languages as you can imagine the real life in the story. Many people like reading short story. They get some advantages from that activity. By reading Short Story, they are amused by the story, they get knowledge, through short story they learn how life is.

For you who are learning English, it is good idea to learn English or to improve your English through reading or listening to short story. Moreover, it will be more fun if you try to write short story and try to tell it orally. In reading short story, you can feel the emotion of the characters. So by learning English through short story, you learn English with emotion. It is a very good way in learning foreign languages like English.

I want to share a website where you can find 100 free English short story to learn English. It is a good website I have ever found in learning English. The short stories are not only in written form, but the website owner also provide the audios. So that you can read the passages by listening to the audios. It means, you can imitate the story teller on the audios while reading the passages.

You also can increase your vocabulary. If you learn English with emotion and with multiple skills: listening, reading, you will master it quicker than just learning it by one skill like reading only. Here the website of those 100 Short Stories for English learners.

Okay, have a nice study. You might like this short story as well

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