The Reason Why I Am Interested In Learning Spanish

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Are you interested in learning Spanish? I wanna tell you my experience why I am interested in learning this language.

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I have fallen in love with Spanish since about 16 months ago when I found Josh Groban's song Aléjate. It's a great song. I like the sound of the language. It sounds so wonderful for me. However, I didn't immediately studying it at that time. I tried to search reviews about Spanish or Spain whether it's not a wasting time or very useful learning it. The fact, I found so many resources stated that Spanish is really useful, 20 countries in united state use Spanish as their official languages. Depend on worldatlas com, here is the list:

1. Argentina
2. Bolivia
3. Chile
4. Colombia
5. Costa Rica
6. Cuba
7. Dominican Republic
8. Ecuador
9. El Salvador
10. Equatorial Guinea
11. Guatemala
12. Honduras
13. Mexico
14. Nicaragua
15. Panama
16. Paraguay
17. Peru
18. Spain
19. Uruguay
20. Venezuela

Actually, I considered to learn Mandarin and Japanese because of their economic growth. However, it need too long time. I have another one to do right now.

About 7 months ago i tried to learn Spanish seriously. As usual, I learned online, but I got so confused on the grammar. It's similar to Arabic. Then, I thought French must be the best choice instead of Spanish, in addition, many people interested in learning French rather than Spanish here. I started learning it, but really, the grammar is not much different from Spanish. So, I decided to learn Spanish. I don't care about the difficulties in the grammar. Spanish is easy on pronunciation. That's almost the same as the language in my country, Bahasa Indonesia.

I do online business. That's why I want to be able to write in more than one language, but the most used languages. I chose Spanish because This language is used approximately by 325 millions first language speakers (geography. about. com), while based on there are about 406,000,000 people in the world speak Spanish. Actually, Russian and German rank second and third in internet, but I think Spanish is more useful, moreover, I love the sound. I wanna be a writer. That's my dream. I hope to get more audiences by writing using English and Spanish. Moreover, I am interested to know other culture.

I don't know exactly, in my ear, Italian and Portuguese are really similar to Spanish. I don't know. And now, I will try to write in Spanish. Here are the codes to type Spanish letters and their accent on windows 7,8, etc:
á — 0225
Á — 0193
é — 0233
É — 0201
í — 0237
Í — 0205
ñ — 0241
Ñ — 0209
ó — 0243
Ó — 0211
ú — 0250
Ú — 0218
ü — 0252
Ü — 0220
¿ — 0191
¡ — 0161
« — 0171
» — 0187
— — 0151

Hope you enjoy this.

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