The Age Kids To Be Blamed

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Reading an article titled "School Driver Snaps and Ditches Bus Full of Kids (1)" written by Jennifer O'Neill on yahoo news. This happened in West Columbia, Texas. The title says the driver left the kids, but in the article, the driver just went off and waiting for a replacement. I am living in Indonesia. It’s not a big country, and many people are uneducated. Therefore, it is normal to read unmatched title with the content on some media. It would never happen on, I thought.

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Some people are commenting on the kids' attitude which caused the driver upset. The kids were too rowdy, that was the problem. Another subject of the comments was that the district offered counseling to some kids which were upset by the event. It is too much. It can make them think too much about it and think it was a very big harm. The fact, it was just a little problem.

As a teacher, I got a little shocked reading such comment on kids. They are too young to be judged. However, they didn’t blame the kids though; it was the parents who didn’t teach the kids to behave well. Some comments say that parents should not overindulge their kids. It is also important to be considered: the driver should be familiar with kids’ behaviors.

After all, these come into my consideration:
1) In what age a kid is not a kid anymore?
2) What are the signs of overindulgence?
3) In what age parents should show a good example to the kids (To teach them)?
4) In what age kids should be taught about responsibility.

"A good father should not only be a place for his kids to rely on, but also the one who can make it not important anymore," said Prof. Joni Hermana, the professor of environmental engineering at ITS (Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November) Surabaya, Indonesia. Good parents can teach their kids to live without them, thus what he implied. I read it yesterday on my friend's Facebook status (Asfahul Mukhib) 7 February (2), 08:56. What a great thought. Every person should rely on themselves. They must be independent.

What do your children really need from you? Love, guidance, shelter, food, clothing, medical care, and an education. That’s it. Everything else is a want or a luxury ... … … Kids don’t need parents who make them happy. They need parents who will make them capable.

Dr. Connie Dawson, co-author of How Much Is Enough, writes:

When parents give children too much stuff that costs money, do things for children that they can do for themselves, do not expect children to do chores, do not have good rules and let children run the family, parents are overindulging.  Jill Rigby (3).

There are no exact standards in what age kids should be judged. In a village I am living in, I won't judge 17 years old boy or girl. I don't mean to overindulge them, but I see reality. It is not all children in this world have a chance to go to school, not all of them have a chance to be loved by their parents. Most of them are raised by kids too (too young mother). Before they are being educated, they are the same as toddlers. They need help, not judge.

Parents should teach their kids to be independent, but it must be undergone in proper time. There are no exact indicators to define whether they are still kids or are not anymore. It depends on certain many factors, such as culture, religion, social affections, etc. Some kids may learn to be independent themselves.

Parents also need to show their kids love and caring. It is not to overindulge them, but to let them know what love like is, what being loved is, how being secured is, and how being cared is. They need to experience it. Later, based on this experience they are able to love others and to care of others. In what age should it be given? The heart of great mom and dad understand (More than know) it.

Based on an article on Healthy, 'Stages of Adolescence (4)' there are three stages of adolescences: early adolescence ages seven to fourteen years old, middle adolescence ages fifteen to seventeen years old, late adolescence ages eighteen to twenty one years old. Early teenagers are not able to consider long-term consequences of what they do. Yet adolescences are able to consider more complex matters, but because of lack experience, they may act without thinking.

However, it is not 100% true. It is just to help parents to decide and choose the ways to treat their kids. Great parents will always learn to be better in raising up their kids. In fact, most parents define the adolescences based on culture or tradition, religion, family condition. In Islam, based on what Ustadz Mohammad Fauzil Adhim’s (Parenting book writer and parenting counselor) speech on YouTube, parents should teach their kids about love since they were born until seven years old. Then, teach them to perform religious rituals.  In this age parent can start teaching them to be responsible.

That’s all what I can share about kids. Let’s pray together in order all kids on this planet become great adults later who can change the world be better.

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