School Teachers Should Not Examine Their Students Achievement

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"This teacher is so bad," a classmate said. Once, a man in neighborhood told me his experience when he was a student in elementary school. "I brought a weapon to school. My teacher gave me low score. I threatened him; if he did it again, I would kill him." My ex-boss, the director of an English Course Institution, told me that one of his friends who taught in a university was too close to his students. They were like friends. "But, he does it too much. They drink together; have dinner together; and so on. And now, he hesitates to give low score to the students. And, it's a lie, as not all of his students deserve it."

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Teachers' responsibility
The major responsibilities of teachers are:
  1. Motivating the students to study (As motivators), 
  2. Transferring knowledge
  3. Guiding them to be good people (Help them in learning).

A teacher is a teacher, a student is a student. Students should respect their teachers. It is a commonplace that has changed. In some countries, nowadays teachers are the maids of parents. Teachers should work depending on what parents want, though it does not match their awareness. Moreover, the politicians play the role too much on education.

Sometimes parents, out of the record, come to teachers' home to compromise their kids' dignity. They think, rich people must have great children. Their children should be the best one at school. "Give my kids high score. How much dollar for it?" In fact, the teachers have low salary. Other parents sometimes accuse the teachers because their kids get low scores. Even the parents incite their kids to hate the teachers.

Those are the challenges of the teachers, besides another challenge to fulfill their daily need due to the low wage.

When I was teaching in junior high school, I found this, some students' parent are so kind to me, they gave me something, then said, "I entrust my kid, Sir." I just smiled at them. It's been so clear when they registered to the school. All teachers were responsible. All children were equal, no specialties.

Judging and The Feeling
It is based on my experience teaching junior high school students (11-14 years old). Most of my students used to consult me about everything, not only their study matter, but also their private problems. I was like their parents. Yeah, I was their parents at school. Then, I found a big problem above all problems. I really cared about their future. Being a teacher was not just doing the job, not just finishing the tasks. It is about the future of young generations.

I did not expect to feel such feeling when they saw their scores. The atmosphere judged me as a bad judgers. "I am stupid," I heard it, but I was the judger. I was not someone who had much love and always with them to help. "If I make mistake, I will be scored low," I know it. In social, destiny will judge them. Teachers should help them to learn it at school, and parents at home. Students should know that there are judgers and someone (Parent and teachers) who always help them.

Who is the judger at school?
I myself prefer, it is not teachers become judgers. Teachers should evaluate the students' progress periodically, but it is not the final judge. Once, a parent at the school I was teaching at gave an advice, "Low score on the students' report is creating bad experience which will never be forgotten by the students." It was not right, but not wrong instead. Later the students will apply to a company. Their educational background is one to be considered.

As a teacher, I would say, "To work is not the only purpose of education. They can be entrepreneurs," but it was not easy to convince students and parents. Their friends will offend them. Even parents get angry with them due to their failure. So, they feel surrounded by evil judgers; no friends; no-one beside them.

It is better for teachers to focus on their job: helping students in their study. Teachers should never appear as judgers in students' mind. It should be others conduct the examinations, but the teachers should know the form and the way it will be conducted. It is to create understanding for the students that there are judgers and someone who will always help. In social, someone who will always help them are friends, relative, family, etc. The judger is destiny.

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