New Boarding House

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"Excuse me!"

The gate was closed. Nobody was outside. All the houses were closed. He called her phone number, but no answer. He looked at the rooms lying alongside the main house. Those rooms also looked empty. No vehicles at the park area. There were only few dresses hanging on the wire. He looked at the time in his phone. It was 12:25 pm. The day was so hot.

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An old lady came out. She stared at him. he smiled at her with a little bow. She came over and open the gate, "Come in. Put your motor cycle over there," pointed the park area. He put his motorcycle in the north side, far from the gate. The lady disappeared when he turn his head around. He sighed: confused.

With a slowly step he tried to get closed to the house. The front door was closed. "Where is she?" He stood up in front of the door,considered to knock it, but he was not sure. He sat on the chair beside the door. But, the lady got out, "Here the key. Your room is number 6. You can use it now." He took the key and smiled at her. But, soon she got inside the house and closed the door.

It was strange for him.

With tons of questions in head he walked to the room 6. The window was dusty. He inserted the key and opened the door slowly. A bed with a pillow inside. The floor was so dirty. It must be empty for so long. He sat on the bad. He saw a broom in the corner. There were lots of spiders on the wall. He sighed.

He cleaned the room.

Someone was coming. He heard the sound of motor cycle. He looked outside. A young man and a woman. He closed the door and let the curtain veiled the window. The new comer was the owner of the room beside his room. He was wondering: whether they were married couple or not, what will they do inside the room? But he found no answer.

"At least, I have found a place to stay," he convinced himself that everything is okay.

He remembered the road to his village. He remembered the birds which used to sing in the morning before he got up. Now, he was far away from that place. He was living in another province. He was like a new born baby now, knowing nobody around. It could be difficult to survive, but he was sure, success had been waiting for.

The night had come, but nobody came. It was so silent, more silent than the night in a grave area. The man and the woman behind his room were like nothing. "What are they doing?" He went out of the room, to find some food for dinner. He took a chance to see the room where the woman and the man were. But, the room was closed like nobody inside.

It was the first night. The atmosphere was so strange. He tried to close his eyes, but he couldn't. Tomorrow he should get up early. He should arrive at 07.00 am at his new work place. He turned off the lamp, strange energy grasp his mind. He was shocked and turned on the lamp again. He unveiled the curtain and looked outside the window, but it was so dark outside.

He was alone in this province: no friends and no relatives. Nobody to share with. He took his phone, but hesitated to call or to text his family at home. "I am a man," but he felt so weak now. He could not control his feeling. His soul was full of fear. He likely to flee, but it was not the way a man should do. He must face whatever would happen on him.

The night had run a half. It was too late as tomorrow his first day work. He remembered his grandpa, the master of magic he had ever known.

"You'll need it one day."

It was several years ago when he refused to learn magic. He was an educated one, it was a shame to believe in superstition. It did not make sense for educated people.

"Invisible creatures are living with human here in this planet. They sometimes disturb us."

He responded in heart, "Just be positive thinking."

A rooster crew up. He looked the time in his phone. It was 03.10 am. He had not slept yet. The night had been teaching him. He knew that he was the only one responsible for himself: no father, no grandpa.

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