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To learn German online free is worth your time. German is the most used language after English in Europe. German in a great country to live and to study technology. Learning German is good choice. There are a lot of schools or German courses institutions you can attend to learn German. However, learning German at school might not  be a good choice as you should follow the system.

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I speak 4 languages now, the last one is English. Now I learn German online. Based on my experience in learning English, I prefer to learn German online rather than attending German classes at school. I have been learning English since 1998. I mastered the theory, I really understood, but I could not speak, read, could not write. I did not understand what English people said.

Finally, I found a great way in learning English. I learn English online and practice online. In 2012 I got better progress in reading,writing, speaking, and listening. And now, I learn German online. Before it, I learned Spanish, italy, and French online too, but I chose to learn German online now as it is more important than the others.

The way I learn German Online

Every person is unique. Every person has their own character, and they have different style in learning including learning foreign language. Learning German is not much different from learning English. I started learning the major structure of German: Tenses and case. I didn't memorize it, but just understood it. I comprehended the whole structure. Then, I printed it on papers. Then I put those papers on the wall which I can see it mostly.

Vocabulary is a must to increase all the time. However, no need to memorize. After I comprehended all the German structure, then I increase my vocabulary by reading, listening, and writing. There are a lot of videos on YouTube available to learn German.

German is easy for English people as most German words are similar to English words. However, you need to manage your time. You need to consider how long will you finish it. I have several idea for you.

1) What skill to improve

Every person has different need. I like writing, thus I learn German through reading and writing. I also increase my vocabulary through reading and writing. I read some German texts, then I try to write with the same structure. I put the papers with German structures printed on beside me. Thus, when I am forget the structure, I can easily look it. You can also open the German Verb conjugation online. Though it you can make sentences with different structures.

But, if you don't like writing, it may be hard for you to learn German through reading and writing. It is better for you to learn German on YouTube. Listen to lots of conversations and try to speak too. The more practices you do, the more fluent you are, and your vocabulary will increase unconsciously.

You can also practice online with your online friends. There are lots of website provide language tutorials and the readers can chat with other readers. In those website you can exchange learning language. Find German people who learn your language. You can teach each other then.

2) How long to learn German online

I can not define definite time how long to finish it. Every person has their own characteristic and different condition. Someone who has more time will get more progress than the ones who have limited time. However, you can measure the vocabulary you have mastered by reading and listening to dialogue. How many words you don't know the meaning. Count it. Check your listening skill by listening to German conversation video or audio with subtitle. Try to listen without subtitle, then check how many words you miss. Use thematic approach, then you can easily increase your vocabulary as there are some words you use repeatedly. Begin from topics close to your life. Thus, you can predict how long you will master it.

3) How to be discipline

Though you learn German online without any teacher who will punish you if you are not discipline, but failure will punish you. Define the time when you have free time, though it is only one hour. Define the place. Sometimes you don't have any spirit to learn when the time comes. It doesn't matter. Just come to the place you have defined and sit there. Gradually you will learn it there.

If it is hard for you, online friends is a good choice. When you don't have any courage to learn, but if your online friends chat you with German, it will trigger you to practice.

Thus the idea how to learn German online without any teachers.

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